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OLD KILKENNY REVIEW  1946 - 2007 Full list of Contents
This is a complete listing of all articles & content of the O.K. Review for the actual years I have listed.

Old Kilkenny Review, Number 1 (1946-1947). January 1948
Lyng, Thomas G.: Ballyraggett and district, 11-24.
Gibb, John S.: A tour on the Upper Nore, 25-30.
Butler, Hubert: A Kilkenny Survey, 31-33.
Springfield, Rose, with note by Henry, Françoise: The Seven Bishops: a legend of Ossory, 34-37.
O'Kelly, Owen: Place-Names in Co. Kilkenny, 38-46.
Gibb, John S.: Foulksrath Castle and the families connected with it, 47-54.
Monks, Willie: The Cave of Dunmore, 55-60.
Clohosey, T.J.: St. John's Priory, 61-62.
An t-Ath. Michéal: St. Fiacre's Well, 63-67.

Old Kilkenny Review, No. II (1948). January 1949.
Sparks, M.: The Rothes of Kilkenny, 7-13.
Murphy, J.C.J.: The Kilkenny Marble Works, 14-19.
O'Leary, John: Ullard, 20-25.
Pilsworth, W.J.: The Merino factory: old County Kilkenny industry, 26-31.
Kenealy, Mrs. C.J.: "The walls of Kilkenny", 32-38.
Craig, M.J. (notes after a tour by): Gregorian [recte Georgian] architecture in Kilkenny, 39-41.
Hughes, J.J.: Inistioge, 42-47.
Phelan, W.J.: The Tholsel of Kilkenny, 48-55.

Old Kilkenny Review, No. 3 (1950)
Graves, James: Ancient street architecture in Kilkenny (from the Kilkenny Archaeological Journal, 1849), 8-14.
Prim, John G.A.: Kilkenny inns and taverns (from the Kilkenny Archaeological Journal, 1849), 15-23.
Butler, Hubert: The Kilkenny theatre 1802-1819 (from the Dublin Magazine, 1849), 24-32.
Lanigan, T.G.: John Banim in Windgap Cottage, 33-39.
Pilsworth, Mrs. W.J.: George Bernard Shaw's connection with Kilkenny, 40-42.
Sparks, May: Gowran, 43-46.
Grattan Bellew, Mrs.: Mount Loftus, 47-49.
Clohosey, T.J.: Kilkenny Castle, 50-53.

Old Kilkenny Review, No. 4 (1951)
Bersu, Gerhard: Freestone Hill: a preliminary report on the excavations, 5-10.
Healy, J.P.: Tullaroan, 11-19.
Butler, Hubert: The old Kilkenny Archaeological Society and its successors (Radio Eireann broadcast), 20-27.
Lanigan, T.G.: Kells, 28-34.
Pilsworth, W.J.: "Thomastown Corporation", 35-43.
Clohosey, T.J.: Dunmore House, 44-4
Sparks, M.: Confederate banners, 49.

Old Kilkenny Review, No. 5 (1952)
Pilsworth, W.J.: Thomastown, 1-9.
Clohosey, T.J.: Carrickshock: the Tithe War, 10-15.
Walsh, F.R.: Callan, 16-22.
Lyng, T.P.: The Castlecomer Plateau, 23-34.
Kenealy, Mrs. C.J.: Armorial slabs on old Kilkenny Houses, 35-43.
Phelan, Mrs. W.J.: Dunamaggin, 44-47.

Old Kilkenny Review, No. 6 (1953)
Brennan, James: Canon Carrigan, historian, 1-8.
newspaper article: Kilkenny Moderator, 1838: Mount Warrington Distillery, 8.
Murphy, J. C. J.: Alice Kyteler, 9-14.
newspaper article: Kilkenny Moderator, 1819: Kilkenny Day Coach, 14.
Pilsworth, W. J.: Dysart, 15-17.
newspaper article: Kilkenny Moderator, 1891: Archersgrove Mills, 17.
Leahy, G.: Ballyspellan Spa, 18-22.
O'Kelly, Owen: Kellymount Old Abbey, 23-25.
Phelan, Mrs. W. J. & Lanigan, Mrs. T.: High Street, notes, 26-37.
Watters, Patrick: The approaches to Kilkenny [abridged from article in JRSAI 1872], 38-46.
Sparks, May: Tullaherin, 47-49.
Gibb, J.S.: St. Canice's Cathedral bells, 50-53.
newspaper article: Kilkenny Moderator, 1886: The National Bank, 53.

Old Kilkenny Review, No. 7 (1954)
Murphy, J. C. J.: The ten civic families of Kilkenny, 1-19.
Phelan, Mrs. W.J.: High Street (continued). High Street from the Tholsel to the Parade on the east side, 20-24.
Tennison, C. M.: Williams and Finn, bankers, Kilkenny, 24.
Montagu Stopford, Mrs.: The Kilkenny Canal, 25-29.
Gibb, J.S. (ed.): Letters of Rev. James Graves, 30-34.
Sparks, May: Archbishop Rinuccini, Papal Nuncio, 35-39.
Lyng, T. P.: Kilgory, 41- 45.
Clohosey, T.J. (ed.): Viscount Mountgarret and Ballyconra, 46-49.
anonymous: Kilkenny Castle picture gallery, 49.
O'Kelly, Owen: Liosta focal Gaeilge ata meascaithe trid an Bearla ag muintir Chill Chainnigh (A list of Irish words interwoven in the English language in County Kilkenny)., 50-53.
Tennison, C. M.: Loughnan's Bank, Kilkenny, 49.

Old Kilkenny Review, No. 8 (1955)
Prendergast, Ellen: Pre-historic cooking places in Webbsborough District, 1-10.
Walsh, Patrick: Upper Patrick Street. Notes, 11-15.
O'Brien, Sean: The ancient parish of Kilmacahill, 16-18.
Drennan, Mrs.: Kylebeg: The church of St. Nicholas, 19-23.
Kenealy, C.J.: Blanchfield House and demesne, 24-29.
Gibb, J.S. & Phelan, W. J.: . Irishtown notes, 30-35.
anon.: A glimpse into the past: when the vane fell, 35.
Clohosey, T.J.: Cromwell's siege of Kilkenny, 36-46.
anonymous: Medical school in Kilkenny - a note, 47.
lling from Kilkenny to Carrick), 78.

Old Kilkenny Review No.50 (1998)
McEvoy, Dan: Some World War I veterans in Kilkenny, 7-9.
Brennan, James: Richard Ledrede, bishop of Ossory-towards a new assessment, 10-19.
Phelan, Margaret M.: A tomb frontal in St Canice's cathedral, Kilkenny, 20-23.
Murtagh, Ben: The medieval parish church and graveyard of St. Nicholas, Jerpoint, bibliography, 23.
Manion, Patricia Jean: The Haydens of Caherlesk in North America, 24-42.
Dyer, John S.: The almshouse at Inistioge, 43-47.
Murtagh, Ben: The New Building, an eighteenth century house, New Building Lane, Kilkenny, 48-66.
Patterson, Tony: Robert Cane and Young Ireland, 67-82.
Cockerham, Paul: A Butler tomb at Aharney, County Kilkenny, 83-98.
Tenison, Michael: Field Systems explored in the Inistioge area, 99-111.
John, Kirwan: Mount Juliet, 112-139.
Doyle, Joe: Kilcumney-its origins, aftermath & legacy-a review, 140-143.
Comerford, Patrick: The Church of Ireland in County Kilkenny and the diocese of Ossory during the 1798 rising, 144-182.

Old Kilkenny Review No.51 (1999)
McGinn, Brian: America's first Irish visitor, 7-9.
Kirwan, John: Pompeo Batoni and his Kilkenny sitters, 10-18.
Brady, Margery: Yeats-the Kilkenny connection, 19-23.
Phelan, Margaret M.: Mary, Kitty & Rita-the three Harte sisters, 24-27.
Boaz, Thomas: The Archdeacon (Cody) family in the American South 1730-1875, 28-43.
Halpin, Thomas B.: The 1659 census, 44-49.
Doyle, Joseph: Kilkenny District Model School, 50-74.
Kiely, Richard: A letter from America, 75-79.
Shirley, C. Ashton: The Shirley eviction from their farm at Burnchurch in 1850, 80-87.
Sinsteden, Thomas: The 1718 Kilkenny presentation of Freedom to Richard Tighe of Dublin, 88-91.
Comerford, Patrick: From India to Brazil: Nicholas Comerford, a seventeenth-century Kilkenny-born cartographer, 92-102.
Williams, Jeremy: The lost Swiss cottage of Woodstock: its architecture and its illustrations, 103-111.
Patterson, Tony: The reform of Kilkenny Corporation in the Repeal year of 1843, 112-127.

Old Kilkenny Review No.52 (2000)
Crotty, Gerard: The arms of Tighe, 5-18.
Brady, Margery: Two Robertson houses at John's Quay, Kilkenny, 19-25.
Murtagh, Ben: Kilmurry Castle and other related sites in Slieverue Parish, in the light of recent excavations, 26-108.
Patterson, Tony: Alderman Richard Connell's book, 109-115.
Kiely, Jacinta: Archaeological excavation at No. 26 Patrick Street, Kilkenny, 116-122.
Harris, Amy Louise: A newly discovered 'Kerin' tomb at Thomastown, County Kilkenny 123-130.
Ó hAnnracháin, Eoghan: Kilkenny men and the Hôtel Royal des Invalides, 131-155.
McCoole, Sinéad: A family in the Phelan Room, Rothe House, Kilkenny 156-161.
Murphy, William: John Holland, artist of the American depression, 162-176.

Old Kilkenny Review No.53 (2001)
Conway, Michael A.: The Hole in the Wall, Kilkenny: an inner house of Archer's Mansion, 1582, 6-24.
McQuillan, Peter: It said in the papers-1901, 25-28.
Patterson, Tony: Sovereigns of the town of Kilkenny, 1282-1608, 29-35.
Brennan, Michael: An examination of the modern Celtic cross, 36-52.
Manning, Conleth: A suspected case of arson in sixteenth century Co. Kilkenny, 53-63.
McCarron, Fidelma & McCarron, Edward T.: The Atlantic world of Kavanagh and Cottrill, 64-81.
Manning, Conleth & Scarry, John: Photographs of Kilkenny interest from a Victorian album, 82-88.
Fewer, T.G.: The hearth money roll of 1665 for the city of Kilkenny. Extracted from the Kilkenny Moderator (1892), 89-102.
Birthistle, Dorchas: O'Loughlin Memorial Church of St. John the Evangelist, Kilkenny, 103-123.
Ní Dhubhluachra, Padraigín: An tAthair J K Fielding, 124-127.
Cullen, C.J.: The Parade terrace, Kilkenny, 128-139.
Kehoe, Imelda: George Berkeley and Thomas Prior, lifelong friends, 140-148.
Hughes, Una: Photographic exhibition, Rothe House, 149-151.

Old Kilkenny Review No.54 (2002)
Law, Edward: The Richard Colles Johnson bequest, 5-15.
anonymous: The round tower [Tullaherin, near Bennetsbridge], 16-17
Norton, Desmond: On Viscount Frankfort's Kilkenny estates in the 1840s 18-40.
Cassin, Mary: It said in the papers-1904, 41-49.
Sharma, Babita, Wait, Gerald & Ozmin, Elizabeth: Rothe House-A history, 53-75.
McEvoy, Dan: Kelly Coachbuilders 76-81.
Pinchin, Harry: Thomastown Recollections, 82-92.
Patterson, Tony: Mayors of the city of Kilkenny 1609-2002, 93-99.
McEvoy, Francis: Patrick M Egan, 100-112.
Hughes, Una: In the Borough of St. Kenny, 113-130.
Law, Edward J.: Notes on Kilkenny architects and buildings, 131-139.
Long, Winifred: Rectangular enclosure at Knockdrina, 140-143.

Old Kilkenny Review No.55 (2003)
Law, Edward J.: The bells & bellringers of St Canice's Cathedral, 6-10.
Shine, Linda: The cantred of Erley: a case study of manorial organisation, 11-25.
Murtagh, Ben: Work begins on Talbot tower, Kilkenny, 26-29.
The Integrated Conservation Group (Edward J. Law, ed.): The Bishop's palace, Kilkenny, 30-53.
Walsh, Colm J.: It said in the papers-1847, 54-57.
Ó Drisceoil, Cóilín: Kilkenny reclaimed: the archaeological evidence for medieval reclamation in Kilkenny city, 58-69.
newspaper article (Kilkenny Moderator, 22 November, 1865): The colonnade, St Canice's Cathedral, 70-71.
newspaper article (Kilkenny Journal, 22 December, 1832): Travellers' Home, 71.
Patterson, Tony: Enactments of the Dernhundred in Kilkenny 1516-1544, 72-85.
newspaper article (The Leinster Journal, 7 June, 1769): Cathedral longevity, 85.
McEvoy, Francis: Farm accounts on a Co. Kilkenny estate 1846-47, 86-96.
Neary, Patrick J.H.: Archaeological excavation of early medieval burials at Cooleeshalmore, Threecastles, Co. Kilkenny, 97-104.
newspaper article (Finn's Leinster Journal, 20 May, 1772): untitled [bigamy and forgery case], 104.
Hughes, Una: In the Borough of St Kenny (2), 105-118.
McGrath, Brid: The nomination of Kilkenny MPs in 1628, 119-125.
Cullen, Charlie: The history of St John's bridge, Kilkenny, 126-140.
newspaper article (Kilkenny Moderator, 27 June, 1857): Cathedral bees, 140.
Law, Edward J.: The tomb of John, 2nd Marquess of Ormonde, St Canice's cathedral, 141-148.
Murtagh, Ben: Architectural stone fragments stored to the rear of Rothe House, 149-152.
newspaper article (Kilkenny Journal, 8 November, 1843): Vandalism in Cathedral Close, 148.

Old Kilkenny Review No.56 (2004)
Doyle, Ian W., & O’Meara, Brenda: Medieval grave slabs recovered from the River Nore, St John’s Bridge, Kilkenny City, 6-20.
Walsh, Colm A.: Model of Duiske Abbey, 21-23.
Cullen, Charles J.: Mahon & McPhillips, Ltd., 1947–1988: an oral history, 24-43.
.document: Tolls and customs at Graiguenamanagh, 44-45.
Patterson, Tony: The Irishtown and the Hightown: uneasy neighbours, 46-62
newspaper article: ‘To be sold reasonable’ Finn’s Leinster Journal, 30 March 1774. (note), 62.
McGurran, Seamus: It said in the papers – 1922, 63-68.
newspaper article: ‘Removal of Kilkenny market-cross’ Finn’s Leinster Journal, 9 February 1771. (note), 68.
Higgins, Kevin: Chomolungma – The Kilkenny Connection, 69-79.
Ó Drisceoil, Cóilín: Probing the past: a geophysical survey at St Canice’s Cathedral, Kilkenny, 80-106.
Crotty, Gerard: An heraldic reminder of King Henry VIII, 107-112.
Murray, Colm: The stones of Duiske Abbey, Graiguenamanagh, 113-120.
newspaper article: ‘The proposed new bridge’ Kilkenny Moderator, 12 August 1857. (note), 120.
Cullen, Charles J.: A Kilkenny builder’s time-book, 1896, 121-124.
newspaper article: the New Bridge at Graige is now quite passable. Finn’s Leinster Journal, 22 August 1772. (note), 62.
Lynch, Breda: Jerpoint Abbey: an historical perspective, 125-138
Law, Edward J.: Kilkenny Mechanics’ Friend Society, 139-143.
newspaper article: new revolving cage at Tholsel for punishing minor offences. Finn’s Leinster Journal, 10 November 1770. (note), 143.
newspaper article: Thomastown Benevolent Society Kilkenny Journal and Leinster Commercial and Literary Advertiser, 25 October 1837. 144-146.

Old Kilkenny Review No.57 (2005)
Stevens, Paul (with contributions by Dr. Ingeliese Stuijts and Laureen Buckley): New evidence for the Bronze and Iron Ages in County Kilkenny: the 1999 gas pipeline excavations, 7-31.
Doyle, Ian: Excavation of a riverside circular tower in College Park, Kilkenny City, 32-42.
Ó Drisceoil, Cóilín: Archaeological excavations at the rear of No. 63 High Street (OK House), Kilkenny City, 43-61.
Bradley, John: The priors of St. John’s, Kilkenny (O.S.A.), before the Reformation, 62-74.
McGrath, Brid: Inistioge’s elections in 1640, 75-82.
Law, Edward J.: Three Kilkenny book collectors, 83-88.
Hegarty, Maureen: Thomas Pierce Purcell: A Kilkenny man to be remembered, 89-92.
Cullen, Charles J.: Mahon & McPhillips Ltd., 1947–1988: an oral history (Part II), 93-105.
Neary, Patrick J.H.: A newly discovered Anglo-Norman ringwork castle from Purcell’s Inch townland, Kilkenny (note), 106-108.
Downey, Máire: William of Kilkenny, Bishop of Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire (note), 109-112.
Devine, Emma & Marshall, Sinead: Fragments of Kilkenny’s Renaissance past in Dean St., Kilkenny (note), 113-117.
Bradley, John: The decline and fall of Leinster: a review article, 118-124.

Old Kilkenny Review No.58 (2006)
Clutterbuck, Richard; Elliot, Ian & Shanahan, Brian: The motte and manor of Callan, Co. Kilkenny, 7-28.
Ó Drisceoil, Cóilín: A collection of previously unpublished medieval burial monuments from St. Mary’s Church, Kilkenny City, 29-44.
document: from a series of travel letters published in 1779: ‘Letter XIV. A description of the caverns near Kilkenny’, 45-46.
Stevens, Paul: Four excavations in Kilkenny City (1999–2001): Part 1. The Medieval findings, 47-66.
Devine, Emma: Rich pickings from a Medieval potter’s yard at MacDonagh Station, Kilkenny City, 67-70.
Manning, Conleth: Ballyshanemore Castle, Gowran, Co. Kilkenny and the eponymous Seán Mór, 71-76.
Bradley, John: The creation of The Parade: Ormond’s deal with Kilkenny Corporation, 1677, 77-116.
anonymous: Authors’ presentation inscriptions in books in KAS library. Some bookplates in the Kilkenny Archaeological Society library, 117-119
Dunleavy, John J.: Paulstown and 1798, 120-123.
document: from a series of travel letters published in 1779: ‘Letter XIII – Kilkenny’, 124-126.
McEvoy, Francis: The Wemyss family of Danesfort, Co. Kilkenny, 127-138.
Ó Bolguidhir, Liam: The military in Kilkenny 1800–1870, 139-151.
newspaper articles: vandalism at Mount Juliet bridge, pollution of Walkin’s Lough, teachers for young ladies, new sporting tackle shop, inheritance case, 152-153.
O Meara, Brenda: A preliminary account of recent excavations adjacent to Kilkenny Union Workhouse, 154-162.
Mac Giolla Dé, Tomás: The last Lord Galmoy, 163-172.
Larkin, Ronald: The fatal picture of Desart Court, 173-175.
Halpin, Thomas B.: Kilkenny’s titled landowners in 1876, 176-178.
Hamilton, Kathie (compiler): Kilkenny traveller stories, 179-184.
Bradley, John: The town wall of Kilkenny revisited: a review article, 185-195.

Old Kilkenny Review No.59 (2007)
Dowd, Marion A.; Lynch, Linda G. & McCarthy, Margaret: Recent archaeological discoveries in Dunmore Cave, County Kilkenny: further questions regarding Viking Age activity at the site, 7-17.
Stevens, Paul: Four excavations in Kilkenny City (1999-2001): Part 2 the Late Medieval findings, 18-37.
Tierney, Ann: A record of some Kilkenny imports in the late sixteenth century, 38-47.
Manning, Conleth: The Delahunty grave slab in St Francis’ Abbey, Kilkenny City, 48-51.
Boran, Elizabethanne: A third reformation? ‘Persecution and oppressions’ in seventeenth century Kilkenny, 52-68.
Ó Ciobháin, Breandán: The River Nore—An Fheoir, 69-70.
Ramón, Marta: James Stephens and Kilkenny: the making of a Fenian chief, 71-79.
Corlett, Christiaan: The Kilkenny Museum (1849–1910) of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, 80-97.
Law, Edward: The town bell and clock, 98-103.
Hughes, Una: Nineteenth Century Kilkenny—a healthy place? Part I, 104-114.
Gavin, Alyson: The Whites of Gowran House, 115-128.
Hegarty, Maureen: Beginnings: the early years of the Kilkenny Archaeological Society in Rothe House, 129–131.

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