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Irish Coinage dates & mintage complete listings 1928-1969
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The Celebrated Young Head Portrait of Victoria 1839 -
The Celebrated  William Wyon Victoria 
'Young Head' Portrait 1839 - 1887
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Archaeology Ireland' MAGAZINES
 Excellent & very popular  Irish history magazine,  Brand 
New Back Issues - Very Low Shipping Costs.
'History Ireland' - The Famine & Song Sept/Oct 2016
'History Ireland' - *Irish In American Civil War

A Good Number of other Issues Available - Please Ask


Reference site with information on each of the three penny types of Victoria, 1839 - 1860 Copper Young Head, 1860 - 1894 Bun Head & 1896-1901 Old Head issues.
Mintage figures, Profiles of Royal Mint engravers, plus 
an illustrated gallery of images of coins in High grade. 
also historical medals etc.
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Centenary of The RMS LUSITANIA
Sinking 1915  
Passenger Liner of The Cunard Line  which,torpedoed 
by The German U Boat U 20, eleven miles off 
the Old Head of Kinsale on the 7th May 1915 
(During WWI) In total 1,198 Lives were lost.
This attrocity greatly increased anti-german sentiment
(Germany  issued a silver medal celebrating the sinking)
Lusitania's sinking  was partially
responsible for the USA entering WWI.
A nice commemorative Card with 1915 Penny Coin
Selling @ £6.95 + 75p S/H Fast Shipping.  

1912 RMS Titanic Sinking Card
Historical Card to commemorate the sinking of White Star Liner 'RMS Titanic' April 1912 
with 1912 Penny Coin 
Irish Historical Penny Cards (1912 - 1922)
Currently available are a good selection of cards to commemorate, 
The Titanic Sinking (1912) The Outbreak of WWI, Kitchener etc (1914-18)  1913 Dublin Lockout, 1915 Lusitania Sinking, 1916 Rising, Patrick Pearse/James Connolly,1917 Eamon DeValera (Released from Prison in England, elected East Clare MP & Leader of Sinn Fein in 1917) 1919 Dan Breen Soloheadbeg, 1920 Kevin Barry, Tom Barry, Sean Treacy, Hurler Christy Ring, 1922 Michael Collins assasination.
Each card is ni cely illustrated & has an historical life of the person Plus an original KGV Penny coin of the relevent date.
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Kilkenny City Loss of Archaeological Heritage.
Demolition of houses at No 21 & 22 Vicar Street.- Image Gallery & Comment. Click here to View
EASTER 1916 RISING Centenary Commemorative Cards Set
A Nice Set of Seven cards, each with a 1916 coin Click Here to View / BUY
War of Independence Commemorative Cards, Collins etc Click Here
1981 Hunger Strikes Commemorative
Card & E II Penny Coin 
Counterstamped 'IRA'.
The 1981 hunger strikes was one of the most bitter
episodes in the Northern Ireland troubles. It centered on political demands sought by Republicans from Margaret Thatcher's Goverment, which she refused. Other Accounts sugest a more conciliatory response from the British Govt which Gerry Adams refused,  believing that allowing the Hunger Strikes to continue benifited Sinn Fein 
politically. The hunger strikes greatly worsened the political climate & led to many, many more deaths.
Seven IRA &  Three INLA died


Priced @ £6.95 + £0.95 S/H